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Fashion: Where to shop for the curvy women?

I can never call myself a fashion expert but I do love clothes and I think the most important thing is to shop for your shape. I can consider myself a fuller figure body type, I fluctuate with my weight and size a lot. Finding the right clothes that are on trend and still flattering for me is important. Clothes like makeup can be my battle outfit that help boost my confidence.

I get asked where I shop a lot and I am so flattered. I wanted to share the wealth and give my tips and fashion advice. I do not get paid or sponsored for any brand I mention. I love pieces here and there from a multitude of places. Here are some are my top 5 favorite places:

  1. ASOS This online website isn’t just great for my curvy girls, it is good for petite, tall men and women as well. I have the 2-day shipping membership (which was cheap and justifiable at a ~$20 price point) and I am absolutely obsessed with this website! Several of the items in my closet are from here. They have high end and discoverable brands worth checking out in all sizes and body types. Best part is that you can watch someone wear the clothes so you know what to expect.

  2. Charlotte Russe If you are on a budget and want trendy clothes, this is an underrated place. I think I always associated it with my teens, but they low key have the best jumpsuits. Everyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with jumpsuits. They have a great Plus Size selection that I actually really love.

  3. H&M Despite the controversy behind what the brand endured over the past year, I stumbled into the store recently to see how that has affected the sales and it got significantly cheaper. I also discovered there is a now a plus size line! How wild is that! I love it because a lot of the stables and trendy items can now be purchased in my size. Worth checking out!

  4. Eloquii I love that this site only targets clothes sizes 14-28. The clothes are fashionable and on trend. They highlight curves and never sacrificing style because of size.

  5. Rent the Runway I love subscription clothing companies like Gwnniebee and Rent the Runway! Best part of these is that I have an unlimited closet collection and it doesn’t take room in my own home. They have a wide range of clothes for curvy women, which makes me so happy!

When I look at clothes to buy for my size. I look for the fit and for clothes that hide features I am not a big fan of like my midsection area and my arms. I love myself and my body but there are features on me that I think would look better if I create an optical illusion around. I tend to go for dresses, blouses, and jumpsuits that have sleeves. I also tend to go for dresses that have a fit and flare or don’t do a tight body contour around my hips. I like my waist and legs so I highlight that. Everyone is different and has their own insecurities. It is again about knowing what you like about yourself and highlighting that.

xoxo Vanessa