Top 3 Current Favorite Beauty Companies


  1. Glossier- I just came back from NYC and I am so happy I stumbled on their showroom near Chinatown! I actually got to try the social media crazed products in person and loved the customer service, aesthetics of the showroom and most importantly the products were such high quality and natural. I'm obsessed! I will be buying a ton more online! 
  2. Nature Republic Korean Skincare is still a valid favorite trend that probably won't be going away anytime soon. The accessibility to these products are even better now to the US than ever before and I am so happy about this! For face masks Nature Republic is honestly the way to go, high quality and affordable!
  3. Fenty Beauty- I love the products. Rihanna did good by the world with this brand! It became the standard of pushing other beauty lines to offer more skin tone selections, especially to women of color. I'm all about inclusion especially as a makeup artist who works with people of all skin tones. My favorite products from this line are the foundation and the contour sticks!