Korean Skincare Routine

My 10 Step Korean Beauty Routine

Sorry for the hiatus! 

I recently came back from Seoul, Korea!

I'm OBSESSED with K-beauty! My skin has come a long way. Consistency is key!! I highly recommend everyone buy Charlotte Cho's book, "The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets" it has changed my life for the better. I consider it the skincare bible and trust that I follow it religiously. Here is what I use and my recommendations:  

1) Oil based face wash to thoroughly remove your makeup and excess oil. Combat oil with oil I always say! The book recommends a couple. I use Banila Co. Clean It Zero


2) Foam base wash. It gently cleanses away what was left over from your oil wash. I use Perfect Whip (Japan brand and my favorite face wash! You can find it on Amazon!) 


3) Exfoliate. I use Neogen Pads (lemon flavor). This is to get rid of all of the extra dead skin and make you face look and feel so smooth. I only do this step once a week! 


4) Toner. My favorite step! Use a cotton pad and wipe your entire face with a toner. Its purpose is to balance your PH level. The toner I use is Son & Park's Beauty Water in addition this particular product also moisturizes and exfoliates. I love looking at the cotton pad and knowing all the dirt from my face is truly gone! 


5) Essence. The epitome of Korean skincare. Essence add back the nutrients you need that was stripped away from your face wash. It makes or breaks your skincare. I use Missha Time Revolution Intensive Essence

6) Serum. I think serums are even more effective in comparison to essence! They are a concentrated version of essence and serve different purposes depending on your skin type. For the most part it enhances the look and feel of your skin. I use Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule

7) FACE MASKS!!! What I look forward to! It makes your whole daily routine feel so spa like. I invest in many different kinds of sheet masks. My favorite right now is Nature Republic's HydroGel sheet masks (of course it has to be the EXO edition, a nod to my fellow EXO-Ls!). The daily sheet mask I use is LuLuLun!  

8) Moisturizer. After your sheet mask, apply moisturizer, because it is important to always moisturize!!! It protects your skin and reduces the excess oil your face produces. I use Son & Park Beauty Gel. 

9) Eye cream. Why not start early??  I do this so when I am older I am not faced with wrinkles so early on! I prefer preventative action vs a world of regret. My future self will thank me later. I use Skinfood Honey Eye Cream. 

10) Sunscreen!!!! So IMPORTANT! Protect your face from UV rays and the serious dangers of the sun. It is also important to note that even if it isn't sunny outside you should use sunscreen. I try to reapply with my cushion foundation every 2-3 hours to make sure the SPF is still effective. I use Missha ‑ All‑around Safe Block Essence Sun Milk

I cannot even express how much I love my routine! It feels like spa day everyday and something I look forward to in my day! Think of your skincare routine as a way to pamper yourself and not a chore you have to do; with this mentality it is easier to remain consistent. I started a couple months back and kept with it. I do this routine daily, usually at night. In the morning I simply wash lightly and make sure to add sunscreen! 

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