Theta 360

I am in love with my theta! 


For my birthday my best friend Teaira bought me one of the coolest gifts I could've ever received. I am forever grateful. 

If you have ever seen a 360 camera photo, you would be convinced too! The theta makes taking photos so easy. I just have to take one and I can orient the photo any way you'd like. It comes with 2 apps. The actual theta S app to wirelessly take photos on your phone and to quickly download the photos to your phone and then there is the Theata+ which is the an app that allows you edit they photo you took and convert to a sharable image, animation or timelapse. 

I'm so impressed with how easy it is to set up with your phone. I even have a monopod so its not so obvious that I'm holding a theta in my hand. The theta captures everything within is 360 view point. How it works is that it uses 2 cameras that can connect the 2 images together to make an epic photo. 

Here are some photos I have taken with my theta from our NYC trip: