3 Tips on How to become a MUA

One of the most frequently asked questions is how did you because a makeup artist? 

I have to say, over the years it has slowly grown, but when I decided I wanted to start my own makeup and hair service I wanted to establish a brand and truly hustled to network for exposure and experience. 

My beginnings started with word of mouth referrals from family friends then it expanded when I decided I was ready to establish something more legitimate with a registered business license. After that it really took off, I had a stable weekly makeup/hair job.

1. Network

Get to know the industry, who is your target market, who is your competition? In reality, the beauty industry is so opening and friendly. People are at odds against each other in my opinion and we refer work to each other. When I network I gauge intentions and make sure I make genuine connections. These industry connections is what I call my tribe, and if you do something good for the tribe, they in turn return the favor. I had a great launch party for my business, which I took pride in and everyone really came out and donated their talents and so that C&B launch party would be a huge success. I thank the stylists, hair artists, models, and many other vendors that took the time to contribute. It was so much fun and really showed me that the trade work I did with my fellow industry members really paid off in the end even when it was truly unexpected. 

2. Good Service is KEY

Understand that you are creating a service for someone else. Make sure you are friendly and excited to be with your clients. It makes a huge difference and will help give you even more clientele because referrals is typically how I get 50% of my work! So be kind to everyone even in the worst circumstance. If you are uncomfortable and don't want to work with a particular person, you have the freedom to do so but I recommend handling all transactions in a professional way. 

3.  Practice your craft

Make sure you continuously improve your skills! At first if it is difficult to get jobs, I would recommend doing trade work so you can get some images on a portfolio to represent your work and get you even more clients. You get what you put out. If you want to get into wedding makeup I recommend you post on your social feed and your website wedding makeup because people will hire you for what you put up. 

These are just some important tips I picked up and if you are interested in learning more feel free to email me! I love supporting other hair and makeup artists! 

<3 Vanessa