Final Photos: Film Noir Photoshoot

Photos are finally in from this shoot I did with my dear friend MaryDee! I absolutely loved doing makeup for this photo shoot because it was something different from what I am used to doing, my very first black and white photo shoot!  The makeup is beautifully highlighted with the dramatic lighting, shadows and black and white composition. The set was gorgeous and the photos look strikingly haunting!

On our model Hannah I did a strong face contour, added in drama with false lashes, dark red lips, and applied classic eye makeup with a thin dark liner and natural brows. I wanted to capture the the timeless essence of the black and white 1940s motion films. 

I'd love to do more production and film makeup. If you are in film production and are interested in hiring a makeup artist, please contact so we can collaborate! 

Photographer: MaryDee Mateo

Model: Hannah 

<3 Vanessa