Behind the Scenes: The Edgy Photoshoot

I had the chance to work with the beautiful Heffner model Synthia James with the always talented photographer MaryDee Mateo the other day. This was a really fun job because I had the opportunity to do a few looks on Synthia. A lighter bronzy look and then transformed her look into a dark edgy look after her wardrobe change. I'm so excited to see the final products because this is the first shoot I got to really be behind the scenes for the entire shoot. I even helped fix her and anything else MaryDee and her husband Mukul needed. They are seriously the best couple to work with, always paying close to detail, takes their time in the art process, communicative, and the list goes on! In addition to these fun photoshoots they also do weddings! If you ever need wedding photography I HIGHLY recommend them! 

Here are some photos from behind the scenes of the photoshoot to give you a sneak peak of what is yet to come! 

<3 Vanessa