3 Wedding in 1 Day

Crystal and Royal

I love working with multicultural weddings, and this one was one of the most memorable weddings. They had a Vietnamese, Chinese and American wedding ceremonies all in one day and multiple locations. I am impressed with the ambition, change of looks and dresses. Everyone looked so fabulous especially my bride Crystal! This photo of them in chinatown is incredible. Truong and his TNP team always roll deep with 4-5 photographers/videographers and always deliver the highest quality. I love working with them! More photos to come!


Fashion: Where to shop for the curvy women?

I can never call myself a fashion expert but I do love clothes and I think the most important thing is to shop for your shape. I can consider myself a fuller figure body type, I fluctuate with my weight and size a lot. Finding the right clothes that are on trend and still flattering for me is important. Clothes like makeup can be my battle outfit that help boost my confidence.

I get asked where I shop a lot and I am so flattered. I wanted to share the wealth and give my tips and fashion advice. I do not get paid or sponsored for any brand I mention. I love pieces here and there from a multitude of places. Here are some are my top 5 favorite places:

  1. ASOS This online website isn’t just great for my curvy girls, it is good for petite, tall men and women as well. I have the 2-day shipping membership (which was cheap and justifiable at a ~$20 price point) and I am absolutely obsessed with this website! Several of the items in my closet are from here. They have high end and discoverable brands worth checking out in all sizes and body types. Best part is that you can watch someone wear the clothes so you know what to expect.

  2. Charlotte Russe If you are on a budget and want trendy clothes, this is an underrated place. I think I always associated it with my teens, but they low key have the best jumpsuits. Everyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with jumpsuits. They have a great Plus Size selection that I actually really love.

  3. H&M Despite the controversy behind what the brand endured over the past year, I stumbled into the store recently to see how that has affected the sales and it got significantly cheaper. I also discovered there is a now a plus size line! How wild is that! I love it because a lot of the stables and trendy items can now be purchased in my size. Worth checking out!

  4. Eloquii I love that this site only targets clothes sizes 14-28. The clothes are fashionable and on trend. They highlight curves and never sacrificing style because of size.

  5. Rent the Runway I love subscription clothing companies like Gwnniebee and Rent the Runway! Best part of these is that I have an unlimited closet collection and it doesn’t take room in my own home. They have a wide range of clothes for curvy women, which makes me so happy!

When I look at clothes to buy for my size. I look for the fit and for clothes that hide features I am not a big fan of like my midsection area and my arms. I love myself and my body but there are features on me that I think would look better if I create an optical illusion around. I tend to go for dresses, blouses, and jumpsuits that have sleeves. I also tend to go for dresses that have a fit and flare or don’t do a tight body contour around my hips. I like my waist and legs so I highlight that. Everyone is different and has their own insecurities. It is again about knowing what you like about yourself and highlighting that.

xoxo Vanessa

Alex and Michael's Wedding

Photography: Lindsay King

Hair and Makeup by me 

Flowers: Verde Seattle

One of the most beautiful brides and my incredible accountant. Congratulations Alex and Michael! 


Beautiful, intimate, summer wedding! I absolutely loved the look and I think the flower crown took it to the next level! Happy Wedding Season! 

Top 5 Recent Obsessions

1. Stila Eye Glitter

This product has been a game changer! For all my clients that want to extra bright this is my go to product. Great for the kit! I bought Kitten Karma because my friend had lend it to me during one of our make up jobs and it was everything! ''

Stila Kitten Karma

2. AMEX Platinum Card & Travel Hacking

It is like I have discovered a whole new world and I can't get enough! If you love traveling as much as I do, this card is seriously the best thing! I can't stop thinking about all the places I want to go to and the ease of lounge access. I honestly wish I got it earlier! I am so passionate about traveling! If you want to sign up for the card, above is my referral link, it would help me a lot too! The $550 is worth it to me because of the following benefits: 

  • $200 Uber Credits 
  • $200 Travel Fees Covered
  • $100 Off PreTSA/Global Entry 
  • Priority Pass Lounge Access and Centurion Lounge Access 
  • Gold Status with Hilton/Starwood/Marriott
  • Concierge (Broadway/Event Access) 
  • No Foreign Fees 
  • & Many More 


3. Concerts 

I have and probably will always love live music! Ever since my trip to Coachella I have been booking concert tickets here and there. I am so excited to watch some of my all time favorite artists, some are:  

  1. Bumbershoot (J.Cole, Sza, DVSN, TPain and so much more!) 8/31 to 9/2
  2. Sam Smith 
  3. Childish Gambino
  4. Gallant 

4. Friends 


Ever since my colleagues have invited to Friends Trivia, I have been Netflixing it from the beginning and now my boyfriend and I have been just binging all of the seasons together and shockingly the opening song never gets old. We are on 5/10 season. I have already watched most of it 2 decades ago but its so nice to get back in it and watch it again. It brings me a lot of joy! 

5. Book: "How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling" by Frank Bettger


Since I am ramping up my new sales/business development role in my digital marketing company, it was recommended I read this book and I can't tell you how much this book have influence my communication skills. I can read this book over and over again and I recommend it to everyone in sales and not in sales. 

xoxo Vanessa 

Theta 360

I am in love with my theta! 


For my birthday my best friend Teaira bought me one of the coolest gifts I could've ever received. I am forever grateful. 

If you have ever seen a 360 camera photo, you would be convinced too! The theta makes taking photos so easy. I just have to take one and I can orient the photo any way you'd like. It comes with 2 apps. The actual theta S app to wirelessly take photos on your phone and to quickly download the photos to your phone and then there is the Theata+ which is the an app that allows you edit they photo you took and convert to a sharable image, animation or timelapse. 

I'm so impressed with how easy it is to set up with your phone. I even have a monopod so its not so obvious that I'm holding a theta in my hand. The theta captures everything within is 360 view point. How it works is that it uses 2 cameras that can connect the 2 images together to make an epic photo. 

Here are some photos I have taken with my theta from our NYC trip:  




Top 3 Current Favorite Beauty Companies


  1. Glossier- I just came back from NYC and I am so happy I stumbled on their showroom near Chinatown! I actually got to try the social media crazed products in person and loved the customer service, aesthetics of the showroom and most importantly the products were such high quality and natural. I'm obsessed! I will be buying a ton more online! 
  2. Nature Republic Korean Skincare is still a valid favorite trend that probably won't be going away anytime soon. The accessibility to these products are even better now to the US than ever before and I am so happy about this! For face masks Nature Republic is honestly the way to go, high quality and affordable!
  3. Fenty Beauty- I love the products. Rihanna did good by the world with this brand! It became the standard of pushing other beauty lines to offer more skin tone selections, especially to women of color. I'm all about inclusion especially as a makeup artist who works with people of all skin tones. My favorite products from this line are the foundation and the contour sticks!

2017 Summer Favorites

Hi All, 

I know I've been bad about posting but I wanted to highlighted some of my FAVORITE things so far in 2017! It encompasses everything from makeup to music! Here are my top 10 new favorites! 

1) Seattle Art Museum Yayoi Kasuma Exhibit 

The popular exhibit in Seattle has been sold out for a while now but since there are day passes at a first come first serve basis people stand in long lines for it! Since I am a SAM Member (Truly got membership months ago for Kasuma!) I go frequently. I am most likely by the end of the exhibit's season be there about 6 times. Its so beautiful and photo worthy so why not? 

Infinity Mirrored Room-Aftermath of Olbiteration

Infinity Mirrored Room-Aftermath of Olbiteration

2) Stila Liquid Eyeliner

I went to a networking event and I commented on this one girl's eyeliner and she told me her favorite formula was Stila's. Next day I bought it and was convinced it was better than the Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner! (Big deal since I've loved that eyeliner for ever! 

Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner

Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner

3) Ko Ko Bop by EXO  

Well if we all don't know already I'm quite obsessed with K-Pop lately and one of my favorite groups EXO just came out with a new album and music video that is worth watching! The fusion of hip hop, r&b, reggae, dancehall and pop is out of this world! 

4) Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Ludwig

This color is such a perfect nude on my skin tone! Plus, it lasts forever! 

5) Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Lipstick 

This color is the perfect fun pink! Its not too harsh or bright and I get compliments on it every time I wear it! 

6) MAC Softening Lotion

Popularized by Pia (Miss Universe 2016) herself! I swear this makes a huge difference in prepping your face, how did I live without it before!? 

7) Ji Chang Wook 

This man is Korea's most beautiful man, I swear! lol I'm currently watching Suspicious Partners and K2. I don't know why I never knew he was until this year!!! New favorite behind Lee Min Ho and Park Seo Joon! 

8) Fidget Spinner 

I love this toy trend! It helps just puts me in a zen mode! My colleague made me one from his 3D printer and its just as good as the one from the store! 

9) Game of Thrones Season 7

WINTER IS HERE! I am loving the new season as of now, episode one is down. I say either Arya or Jaime will kill Cersei and I'm so happy they are both on my Fantasy GoT League with Daenerys and Tyrion (...Yes, that is a thing for the super nerds!) 

10) Honey and Milk Book b RupI Kaur

This book is so good! It is a poem book but if you ever love and lost, at least one poem will resonate with you. Quick read and I highly recommend! 



My 10 Step Korean Beauty Routine

Sorry for the hiatus! 

I recently came back from Seoul, Korea!

I'm OBSESSED with K-beauty! My skin has come a long way. Consistency is key!! I highly recommend everyone buy Charlotte Cho's book, "The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets" it has changed my life for the better. I consider it the skincare bible and trust that I follow it religiously. Here is what I use and my recommendations:  

1) Oil based face wash to thoroughly remove your makeup and excess oil. Combat oil with oil I always say! The book recommends a couple. I use Banila Co. Clean It Zero


2) Foam base wash. It gently cleanses away what was left over from your oil wash. I use Perfect Whip (Japan brand and my favorite face wash! You can find it on Amazon!) 


3) Exfoliate. I use Neogen Pads (lemon flavor). This is to get rid of all of the extra dead skin and make you face look and feel so smooth. I only do this step once a week! 


4) Toner. My favorite step! Use a cotton pad and wipe your entire face with a toner. Its purpose is to balance your PH level. The toner I use is Son & Park's Beauty Water in addition this particular product also moisturizes and exfoliates. I love looking at the cotton pad and knowing all the dirt from my face is truly gone! 


5) Essence. The epitome of Korean skincare. Essence add back the nutrients you need that was stripped away from your face wash. It makes or breaks your skincare. I use Missha Time Revolution Intensive Essence

6) Serum. I think serums are even more effective in comparison to essence! They are a concentrated version of essence and serve different purposes depending on your skin type. For the most part it enhances the look and feel of your skin. I use Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule

7) FACE MASKS!!! What I look forward to! It makes your whole daily routine feel so spa like. I invest in many different kinds of sheet masks. My favorite right now is Nature Republic's HydroGel sheet masks (of course it has to be the EXO edition, a nod to my fellow EXO-Ls!). The daily sheet mask I use is LuLuLun!  

8) Moisturizer. After your sheet mask, apply moisturizer, because it is important to always moisturize!!! It protects your skin and reduces the excess oil your face produces. I use Son & Park Beauty Gel. 

9) Eye cream. Why not start early??  I do this so when I am older I am not faced with wrinkles so early on! I prefer preventative action vs a world of regret. My future self will thank me later. I use Skinfood Honey Eye Cream. 

10) Sunscreen!!!! So IMPORTANT! Protect your face from UV rays and the serious dangers of the sun. It is also important to note that even if it isn't sunny outside you should use sunscreen. I try to reapply with my cushion foundation every 2-3 hours to make sure the SPF is still effective. I use Missha ‑ All‑around Safe Block Essence Sun Milk

I cannot even express how much I love my routine! It feels like spa day everyday and something I look forward to in my day! Think of your skincare routine as a way to pamper yourself and not a chore you have to do; with this mentality it is easier to remain consistent. I started a couple months back and kept with it. I do this routine daily, usually at night. In the morning I simply wash lightly and make sure to add sunscreen! 

For those interested here is my Food Adventure during my trip to Seoul, Korea:

3 Tips on How to become a MUA

One of the most frequently asked questions is how did you because a makeup artist? 

I have to say, over the years it has slowly grown, but when I decided I wanted to start my own makeup and hair service I wanted to establish a brand and truly hustled to network for exposure and experience. 

My beginnings started with word of mouth referrals from family friends then it expanded when I decided I was ready to establish something more legitimate with a registered business license. After that it really took off, I had a stable weekly makeup/hair job.

1. Network

Get to know the industry, who is your target market, who is your competition? In reality, the beauty industry is so opening and friendly. People are at odds against each other in my opinion and we refer work to each other. When I network I gauge intentions and make sure I make genuine connections. These industry connections is what I call my tribe, and if you do something good for the tribe, they in turn return the favor. I had a great launch party for my business, which I took pride in and everyone really came out and donated their talents and so that C&B launch party would be a huge success. I thank the stylists, hair artists, models, and many other vendors that took the time to contribute. It was so much fun and really showed me that the trade work I did with my fellow industry members really paid off in the end even when it was truly unexpected. 

2. Good Service is KEY

Understand that you are creating a service for someone else. Make sure you are friendly and excited to be with your clients. It makes a huge difference and will help give you even more clientele because referrals is typically how I get 50% of my work! So be kind to everyone even in the worst circumstance. If you are uncomfortable and don't want to work with a particular person, you have the freedom to do so but I recommend handling all transactions in a professional way. 

3.  Practice your craft

Make sure you continuously improve your skills! At first if it is difficult to get jobs, I would recommend doing trade work so you can get some images on a portfolio to represent your work and get you even more clients. You get what you put out. If you want to get into wedding makeup I recommend you post on your social feed and your website wedding makeup because people will hire you for what you put up. 

These are just some important tips I picked up and if you are interested in learning more feel free to email me! I love supporting other hair and makeup artists! 

<3 Vanessa

Behind the Scenes: Magazine Editorial Photoshoot with Reesephotog

Creative geniuses like Heather aka Reeesephotog on IG seriously inspire me to be push my creating boundaries. Her work is incredible remarkable and I am honored to have multiple opportunities to work with her because she seriously radiates a certain sense of confident and unapologetic talent that motivates me! One of my favorite Seattle photographers, she's doing it big with her signature vintage style by working with so many significant companies like Free People and For Love and Lemons! 

Models: Pierce Lackey and Charlie Pilon!



Ocean Shores Editorial Photoshoot with Alexa Bigby and Adrian Rae

"We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in the high winds." -Aristotle 



Inside the Look: 

We really want to capture a moody natural but elegant look so I created a smokey brown eyes with light liner and light contour with dark lips.

Face: Faceatlier Ultra Foundation and Charlotte Tilbury Photofinish Powder

Lashes: Benefit Roller Lash 

Eyes: Urban Decay Naked 2

Brows: Anastasia Brow Pencil

Lips: Makeup Forever 12C lip liner


Photo Credits:

Model: Alexa Bigby @alexabigby 

Photographer: Adrian Rae @adrian.rae

MUA: Vanessa Ronquillo @contourandblush

Clothes: Moschino @moschino 


<3 Vanessa 

The Diversity Photoshoot

"Strength lies in differences, not in similarities." -Stephen R. Covey 

Embracing diversity is beautiful. When I was younger I always looked for someone in the media that resembles characteristics like my own. It wasn't always an easy task to relate to people in the media when I was younger, but I do remember all of my favorite shows and movies highlighted diversity.

We tend to seek out familiarity because in a way it validates us as a non-outsider. When you give a monster a reflection you get rid of the monster.  Modern social media platforms  has allowed for more reflection and relatable validation, which has inspired my collaboration with the talented photographer Mary Dee Mateo (www.marydeemateo.com). 

I had an idea to showcase my makeup work on various skin tones and types to celebrate diversity. We should celebrate how diverse our culture and our city is! 

As a makeup artist I like to enhance natural beauty, so in these shots I used light makeup to enhance their features. Products Used: MAC Face and Body, Charolette Tilbury Powder, Anastasia Brow Dip, Anastasia Contour Palette, MAC Lip Liner in Soar, Lancome Mascara, Maybelline Gel Liner, and Coastal Scents Blush Palette. 

MODELS: Maddy Pinkerton, Laurel Lawitt, Ivy Chen, and Glen McCree


MAKEUP BY: Yours Truly, Vanessa Ronquillo (Contour & Blush)

<3 Vanessa 

Contour and Blush Launch Party

I am so excited to announce that my launch party will be this Friday evening on June 26th at 9pm in Seattle at a place called Mosswood (Beck's Studio) right above the auto shop next to Canon in Capital Hill (address provided in the link below). Everything is coming together and I can't hardly wait!!!

My launch party will be an intimate networking event that will showcase my work as a makeup artist! We will have a live makeup tutorial by me, a makeup fashion show, DJ, open bar, and a ton of fun! 

I am working with my good friend and excellent photographer and stylist Heather McIntosh aka @reesephotog (IG) to style my fashion show and about 9 beautiful freelance and also signed models, my amazing MC Scott Hanna, and also my venue host and party bartender Brian Beck. It is such a blessing to work with so many amazing and talented people. I can't wait for you to experience this huge collaboration with me and my team! 

If you are interested in attending please make sure to get a ticket from Eventbrite as your pass in the party! 




<3 Vanessa 




Behind the Scenes: Trust No. 1 Girls Night Photoshoot

I had the pleasure of working with the talented Dyllan Hackett and Maddy Wallace! These girls are a ton of fun, not a moment of that evening felt like work to me because it was just like hanging out with my girl friends. I absolutely enjoyed their company! 


Loved the Polaroids, I can't wait to see the final shots! I only hope for more girl nights to come with them!

❤️ Vansssa

International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) Vancouver, Canada 2015

My first experience at the International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) in Vancouver, Canada was one of the most educational and profound experiences I've ever had as a makeup artist. I highly recommend aspiring makeup artists to attend and learn from the real experts in the industry! This weekend was full of inspiration and lessons to improve my craft!

I was never formally trained, so all of the lessons taught I soaked in! I absolutely loved all of the workshops and learned amazing techniques from brilliant professional makeup artists that have decades of experience working with countless amount of celebrities, magazines TV shows and movies!



The amazing Kevin James Bennett is respectable makeup artist that have been features everywhere in the fashion world and is the makeup expert on TV from Access Hollywood to Elle. He taught me more within 2 hours that has changed my makeup artist life than anything else! I learned that you just need the basics, be a minimalist artist with your makeup kit not a consumer and use multi functional products from the art stores. Also more importantly, know your products and know what your model needs for that certain situation.  


Kevin at work on the IMATS main stage.

Kevin at work on the IMATS main stage.

Selfie with my hero and makeup mentor!!! 

Selfie with my hero and makeup mentor!!! 

Sian Richards is another inspiring strong woman I look up to, she is a celebrity makeup artist that worked directly with Queen Latifa among great actors and actresses. I loved her strong bold personality!  She taught me that it's not always about perfection when applying makeup, and most importantly she taught me to know my self worth and don't undervalue our work as professional makeup artists. I love her and love her drive! 

Sian at the IMATS mainstage

Sian at the IMATS mainstage

Selfie with Sian! She is so beautiful inside and &nbsp;out!

Selfie with Sian! She is so beautiful inside and  out!

Bill Corso was one of the key note speakers that I seriously admire as a person and as a professional!!! It was such a treat to hear him. Speak about all of his work on Deadpool, Star Wars, Planet of the Apes among hundreds of other projects and his role as a director of the Academy Awards makeup department! His lessons about having a great people personality as a makeup artist can sometimes be more important than the makeup itself sometimes really connected with my approach. He is highly intelligent and well respected by everyone in the industry. I would seriously drop all things to just travel the world cleaning his brushes. He amongst all is my inspiration. 

Bill on the mainstage with Michael Key! Both brilliant and award winning makeup artists!

Bill on the mainstage with Michael Key! Both brilliant and award winning makeup artists!

Jon Hennessey taught us the importance of pulling inspiration from many avenues. I really enjoyed going through his creative process as he did his demo. I enjoyed his creation from both new, old, high end and street style. 

Jon on the IMATS mainstage

Jon on the IMATS mainstage

My photo with Jon! ☺️ 

My photo with Jon! ☺️ 

Joel Harlow finished the conference as the last key note speaker. It's always a treat to be in front and learn from accomplished makeup artists. He talked about his journey and his current and past projects including Pirates of the Carribbean and Star Trek!

Joel on the main stage with Michael the executive producer of IMATS!&nbsp;

Joel on the main stage with Michael the executive producer of IMATS! 

Overall, I have to say this conference and trade show was so beneficial for me as and new makeup artist!  I picked up a handful of new mentors especially KJ Bennett that taught me so many valuable expert

tricks and tips that you can't really find on Instagram and YouTube.  

I can't wait to go back next year!  

IMATS HAUL! &nbsp;I went to town and shopped for important investments to my collection!&nbsp;

IMATS HAUL!  I went to town and shopped for important investments to my collection! 

<3 Vanessa

Behind the Scenes- Seattle Townie Shades Commercial Photoshoot

2nd Commercial Photo I had the opportunity to work on! This shoot was so much fun with such a great group of fun loving people. I'm so very happy that I finally got to work with the talented Caitlyn Jackson and her whole crew of models: Anthony, Scott, Lesley, & Sarah! 


Models:  Sarah Blackwelder (@barbie2.0), Lesley Anker (@lesley.anker), Scott Hanna (@scotttylerhanna), & Anthony Nikula

Photographer: Caitlyn Jackson (@caitlynjacksonphoto)  

Shades: Townie Shades (@townieshades) 

<3 Vanessa

Final Photos: Vintage Free People Commercial Photoshoot

This photoshoot was so much fun!!! One of my all time favorite shoots, I was literally in awe with the location and style! It is always an honor to work with Heather!!! She's just so simply incredible. Our model Celeste was perfect for this shoot. She has an enchanting vintage quality about her look so for her makeup I played up her prominent eyes and added a dark maroon smokey look and red/purple lips with minimum face makeup. Check out the incredible photos! 


Model: Celeste Miles (@celestialmiles) from Heffner Management 

Photographer: Heather McIntosh (Reese) HMR Photography (@reesephotog)

Location: The Ruins (@the_ruins)

Style/Clothes: Free People (@freepeopleseattle)

Makeup Artist: Vanessa Ronquillo (@contourandblush) 


<3 Vanessa